C.S. Lewis once said,“You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
“Where you start is not as important as how you finish. Make a Decision to Finish Strong!”Dallas Humble

Believe in second chances…


Seek hope when hope seems like a fantasy…


The power of restoration, and the ability to overcome adversity and finish strong…

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No matter where you are, what you are going through or where you have been, you can experience true joy in your life. We are firm believers in the power of the human spirit, the power of restoration and second chances. You may have the best intentions but your direction is the ultimate determinant of your destination. Said another way, “Direction, not intention, determines destination.” Learning how to make good decisions that establish a sound foundation to stand on is imperative toward truly reshaping your life.


None of us know what tomorrow holds. Let’s face it, life isn’t fair. We have no control over the events but we do have control over our responses. Adversity is part of living, however, accepting responsibility for our actions regardless of intention, possessing an unwavering faith, remaining focused and staying the course will often result in a much better outcome than the alternative.


Restoration is real and available if you are willing to make the right decisions. Choices determine your response, decisions determine your destiny. That’s what we are about. We teach the foundational decisions that allow you to build your life on rock, not sand. The truth is, we all have a story of how we have been tested in life. Learning to embrace your story and learn from it rather than running the other way is the first step toward freeing yourself from the past. Your greatest test can become your greatest testimony and your key to a purpose driven future. Let us help you get on the right path and stay there.

Reshape Moments

Implementing Positive Changes in Your Life

Years ago, I made a list of positive changes I was committed to make in my life based on past learning experiences. That list is below and has been shared in many of our seminars. What challenges are you committed to confronting and overcoming? Make your list today and begin implementing positive changes in your
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Hidden Principles of the Prodigal Son

All of us with grown children, regardless of who we are, have had some type of family challenges. I can remember vividly the hopes and dreams I held for each one of my children. I held tight to visions that they would achieve greatness in their lives. Like most parents, I love my children unconditionally
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Billy Graham
A Testament of How to Finish Strong

Recently, the world lost a historical spiritual leader. On February 21, 2018, the great Billy Graham passed away at his home in North Carolina. He was 99. Many knew Graham and his many accomplishments, but few knew Chuck Templeton and Clifford Braun. All three men began their ministerial careers in the same era. Chuck Templeton
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