What Others are Saying

I have known Dallas Humble for more than 25 years and have witnessed his journey through uncharted waters. I am certain his teachings will encourage you to finish strong!

Dennis Swanberg

Comedian, Speaker, Preacher, Author, Swanberg Ministries

There’s nothing more compelling than stories of and strategies for genuine life change. Thank you, Dallas for your insight and blueprint to finish strong!

Tom Lowe

Senior Pastor, Christ Church, West Monroe, LA

Knowing Dallas Humble for over ten years and becoming great friends though our journeys together, I can honestly say he has made my life better and that of many others who have had the opportunity to meet him.

Matt Hale

Co-Founder and CEO, Modern Acupuncture

When confronted with adversity, many people will retreat to their “cave” – not Dallas Humble! When he was confronted with unjust adversity he met it head on, never once considered retreating, and relying on his deep faith allowed the Lord to lead him!

Malcolm Maddox

President/Executive Commercial Banking Officer, Northeast Louisiana

Dallas Humble writes a great book because he is a great leader! I want to learn from people who actually put into practice what they write about. Dallas is such a man. Each of us in this world has an opportunity to influence others for good. His books will help you take that opportunity in your own life to the next level. Don’t miss it!

John Avant

President of Life Action/Former Senior Pastor at First Baptist, Concord/First Baptist, West Monroe

If Dr. Dallas Humble puts his name on something, I feel confident to say it’s worth reading. He has experience in all aspects of life and those interested can glean from principles that when applied, will improve one’s quality of life. Get connected to what the good Doctor is doing. You won’t be disappointed.

Nikita Koloff

Retired Professional Wrestler, American Actor and Minister

This is going to change millions of lives, Dallas!

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author

Dallas has brought to print many key insights to unleash hidden creativity and potential. I am delighted in the way that he shares his passion and energy. This is a great combination guaranteed to help anyone.

Kandee G

Author, Speaker, Talk Show Host

In today’s complex and ever-changing world, we need neither gurus nor inexperienced coaches. What we need are proven entrepreneurs who have walked the walk, hit the school of hard knocks and came out not unscathed, but strengthened through the forging that multiple challenges demand. Dr. Dallas Humble fits the mold perfectly on every level…no nonsense, seasoned experience, with both the scars and the victories to show for it. Students should consider themselves very fortunate to learn and receive mentoring from Dr. Dallas.

Ridgely Goldsborough

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Dr. Dallas Humble offers great ideas and practical insights into all the areas of our lives to avoid false starts, wrong turns, and blind alleys. He has given us the tools to maximize our opportunities and take important steps toward achieving our goals.

Judi Moreo


As a global wealth strategist, I am often dismayed by the so-called experts who upon further examination have little more than book learning in their credentials. Dr. Dallas Humble is the opposite of that—a businessman with extensive experience, veteran entrepreneur and founder of multiple enterprises, whose information and strategies come straight from the battlefield of free commerce. That’s who I want to listen to and the type of mentor that I recommend always.

Nik Halik

Global Wealth Strategist, Entrepreneur

In the ever-changing atmosphere of opportunity we have today in the 21st Century, it allows many to not only dream big but to actually seek that dream. Unfortunately, just having a dream is not enough to make it a reality. What is needed is a strong foundation of character, wisdom, knowledge, skill, talent, perseverance, and experience. These are the very qualities that are so pronounced in Dr. Dallas Humble. His leadership skills are a proven pathway for those who truly want to turn their dreams into a living experience. Big dream, big heart, effective business tools and a proven track record of success are what make Dr. Dallas Humble the successful leader he is. When it comes to mentorship, he is the real deal.

Don Boyer

Author, Film Producer

Throughout my entire career in business and speaking engagements there have been certain books and authors who have left a lasting impression. Dallas Humble is one of those people. When I first met him, I understood immediately that he was not only a dynamic individual but after reading his books I could see why anyone could have a significant change in their attitude. Every person should read his books more than once and purchase more for their clients, employees, and friends.

Kerry Daigle

Author, Sports Promoter