Make It Happen, 14 Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance in Your Life

Soft Cover Book or Kindle Version


In this book, author Dallas Humble writes about how to make things happen, not just let them happen. Having experienced many mountaintops and valleys of life, he has walked the walk penned within the pages of this book. Life is full of desires. The purpose of this book is to give you the strategies to actually transform desire into action and become a peak performer. Make It Happen will give you a sense of self-confidence to live life full and die empty. You can be a peak performer and achieve results in your life that perhaps you never dreamed possible. If you are ready to stop the circle of insanity, this book was written just for you. Endorsed by leading pastors and personal development authors, Dallas Humble is sure to keep your attention. Short and easy to read, Make It Happen gives you sound, principle-based life education on how to maintain your faith, persevere in the face of adversity and perform at your peak while achieving true, lasting success. It has been said that those that die with the most toys win. It is the author’s prayer that after you read this book you will realize that those with the most joys in life are actually the winners.