Finish Strong, 7 Foundational Decisions to Reshape Your Life

Soft Cover Book or Kindle Version


Baseball icon and witty philosopher Yogi Berra was fond of saying, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” which is also the title of his excellent book filled with wisdom and wit.
How we start in life pales in comparison to how we finish. Dr. Dallas Humble was faced with his own proverbial fork in the road during his journey, a difficult experience which would have defeated and ruined most men. With lessons learned and a clear view of his future, Dr. Humble has produced this excellent work entitled, Finish Strong which is handy manual filled with practical advice, insightful truth and a clear pathway toward success and fulfillment for anyone looking for another chance in life. Dr. Humble reminds the reader that life is full of opportunities staring us in the face if we are willing to assess ourselves, both strengths and weakness, and truly own the decisions that need to be made. This book hits the goal of helping us pursue joy in our lives, experience success in our professions, and ultimately impact and motivate others who find themselves in our sphere of influence and who may need a new pathway to follow.

Finish Strong is a great read for any person wanting the best in life and who wants to understand that true joy, meaning, and net worth is to be found far beyond the balance in our checkbooks. Each of the 7 foundational decisions written in the book are discussed and taught in detail in the Reshape Seminar.