Plan B

Plan B

Most all of us love dreaming and new ideas. Wondering what could be makes our hearts beat a little faster. I can sit for hours thinking about the best way to accomplish something and what might be. I often wake up in the middle of the night to put ideas on paper. I get excited for my wife to wake up so I can share my plan with her. But, as much as I love dreaming, I get even more excited watching a vision take shape.

A few years ago, I was in charge of a large project. I put together a budget, trained a team, and began to implement the plan. I couldn’t wait! What happened in the following weeks, though, is what happens with many great plans. I discovered it was not foolproof. There were unknown issues to resolve, obstacles to work around, and costs that exceeded the carefully prepared and very tight budget. The plan had to be altered. I needed a Plan B.

Generally, I don’t like Plan Bs. Moving to an alternate plan somehow speaks failure to me. It’s admitting I didn’t have it all together from the beginning. It’s a reminder of the unforeseen nature of life.

Truth is, we all need Plan Bs. We need to look at the “what if’s”, confront the back doors and be prepared for the worse case scenarios. In essence, plan for the best and prepare for the worse. Sometimes, when I’m contemplating the whys of the universe, I wonder about God’s plan. What was his original idea? Did he have a master plan in place that didn’t work out quite right? Did he create a world where humanity could have lived happily ever after in the garden but subsequently messed it up? Was Jesus God’s second choice? Was Jesus Plan B?

This Christmas season, as our house begins to sparkle with lights and take on that magical appearance, we will also celebrate the birth of our Savior. This little baby, born to a virgin in the city of Bethlehem, was God tenderly revealing his perfect master plan. The redemption of humanity was not an afterthought or a remedy for a plan gone wrong. Jesus was always God’s perfect and loving solution. This baby is the lens through which God views me. The baby was never Plan B.

As humans, we have all made mistakes in our past. Learn from them and move on. Pray about your decisions. Seek wise counsel. Explore the “what if’s” in all you do. Having a Plan B could be the difference between living a purpose-driven, fulfilled life or one overflowing with regrets.

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