Implementing Positive Changes in Your Life

Implementing Positive Changes in Your Life

Years ago, I made a list of positive changes I was committed to make in my life based on past learning experiences. That list is below and has been shared in many of our seminars. What challenges are you committed to confronting and overcoming? Make your list today and begin implementing positive changes in your life.

Changes to Implement in My life:

  1. Surround myself with only the right friends and people. Eliminate and/or limit exposure and association with those that pull you down or are not like-minded, uplifting or aligned with your goals. Friendship needs to be in proportion to the right personal growth you receive from that relationship.
  2. Avoid allowing a crisis to become a ruin. Do not spend time regretting the past, but rather invest that time wisely by preparing a better future. Stay focused on the vision, purpose and goal ahead. God gave us two eyes in front of our heads for a reason.
  3. Smile at adversity. Welcome it and then act quickly to eliminate it.
  4. Only answer phone calls I am expecting. Return important calls 2x per day, once in the morning before lunch and once in the afternoon before leaving work. Screen those calls that are not important and delegate them out.
  5. Stay efficient and productive. Do not interrupt the day with Internet functions, personal emails, etc. Answer personal emails one time per day in the morning and business emails twice per day in the morning and afternoon/evening. Check social media only one time per day. Delegate all that can be delegated effectively. (No answering business emails, phone calls, etc on weekends unless previously scheduled)
  6. Learn to say “no” more than “yes.”
  7. Expand my learning and read voraciously. Listen to audios and attend seminar/programs.
  8. Prioritize my health. Exercise regularly, eat right and stay proactive as it relates to my health.
  9. Become financially fit.
    1. Invest only in those things I understand and am familiar with.
    2. Only invest with those that are equally yoked financially.
    3. Never bet the “house” when investing regardless of the perceived opportunity or value.
    4. Learn from my failures and duplicate successes.
    5. Purchase primarily assets. (Those things that put money in your pocket, not remove it)
    6. Seek the advice of WISE friends and experienced counselors.
    7. Evaluate every business decision and do not act hastily. If you must answer today, better to say no than to say yes and regret.
    8. Always ask the following question before proceeding financially, “Would a wealthy person do this?” Act accordingly.
    9. Pay myself first
  10. Keep relationships in order of importance: God first, family second, all else after that. Share my most intimate moments and quality time with my spouse and those that I love.

Remember, it’s not how you start in life that matters, it’s how you finish. Commit to implementing positive changes in your life and finish Strong!

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