Have you ever tried to walk a straight path by looking down at your feet? It’s not easy. Most would think it is…until they try it themselves. Whenever someone faces a challenge in life with their eyes turned downward, you can be sure that they’ll fail.

When you are walking with your eyes looking downward, you have no idea where you are going. The experience is entirely self-centered and we miss the big picture. There is no perspective. You have no focus with every footstep treading over the last one’s focal point.

The only way to make a straight line of footprints is to ignore your feet. Instead, look directly ahead by fixing on a target. Then, with your eyes fixed on a particular target, you will begin to walk towards it. When you locked on something other than yourself, the path will be straight every time.

The same is true of our lives and spiritual walk. It we walk through life with our eyes looking inwardly, we will sooner or later go off course. When we focus on the bigger picture, however, by fixing our thoughts and eyes on Christ, we can trust our path will be straight and dependable, every step of the way.

Reshape Moment:
How many times have you focused on everything but the target you wishing to hit? You intend on doing the right thing but you just can’t seem to reach the mark. Remember, it is the direction we are headed (the path we are on) that counts, not our intention. Stay focused on the path in which you are following. The Psalmist writes in Psalm 25:9, “He leads the humble in what is right, teaching them his way.” Said another way, “Keep your eyes looking upwards while keeping your feet on the ground.”

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