Bringing Out the David in You

Bringing Out the David in You

Have you ever failed at something because you didn’t plan properly? If we want to achieve victory in the things we pursue, we must be willing to plan. Looking in the rear view mirror with regret doesn’t change where we are today. It’s what we do from this point forward that counts. Seeing a matter through to completion may not be enough either. We must also demonstrate wisdom in the path we take, the challenges that lie ahead and the potential results that follow.

David, one of my favorite characters in the Bible, is described as a “man after God’s own heart,” which is not a bad way to be identified. David was a small shepherd boy when he faced Goliath, the giant of all giants. You know the story; David had no fear, no reservation and no intention of retreating. When David confronted the Philistine Giant, he knew he was going to win. He was keenly aware of the conflict and the fact that the reputation of His God was at stake. Failure at this important juncture would have shown the world that Israel’s God wasn’t all that powerful…and his faith was meaningless.

If your pursuits continue to fall short, ask yourself these important questions: “Am I looking at the whole picture or have I lost perspective?” Is my vision too limited? Do I realize that I have a “David” within me?” Michelangelo once saw a rock that others had seen for years only he saw something more on the inside. He saw the statue of David.

Setbacks can become set ups for comebacks when we: 1) Accept responsibility for our actions 2) Remain humble 3) Rely on our faith and 4) Believe in ourselves. I have certainly experienced many setbacks in my life. As a matter of fact, if setbacks were to define an individual, I would be a living example.

No matter where you are, what you are going through or where you have been, you can experience true joy in your life. I am a firm believer in the human spirit, the power of restoration and second chances in life. Regardless of the where life leads one thing remains constant, and that is our need to be loved and accepted. Doctrine and religion can’t save us; the world has enough laws and rules. Religion has “answers” for every problem with few, if any, lasting results. We can search and search for that acceptance, but we will find it nowhere until we realize just how much each of us is cherished by a loving God. Only His grace covers us and is sufficient no matter what circumstances we are facing.

Reshape Moment:
Remaining humble in life is difficult not because we are special in some way. The difficulty comes in the fact that humility is the direct opposite of arrogance, and this world does its best to convince us that we don’t need anyone…that we can go at it all alone. The truth is, none of us can go at it alone. Show me a turtle on a fence post, and you can rest assured that someone put it there. No matter who we are or how great our accomplishments may be, we are simply a piece of a much bigger and more meaningful puzzle.

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