American Comebacks

American Comebacks

Everyone loves comeback stories. The ones that reveal perseverance and determination. For those of you who watched recently, we all witnessed a true comeback. At one time Tiger Woods had it all. Fame, fortune and most importantly, respect. Until he lost it. And it was a hard fall. All of his sins, shortcomings and faults were exposed for the world to see. People talking and pointing fingers while they judged his mistakes as much larger than their own.

Then, very slowly, the comeback started. No one noticed and certainly no one believed. Emotional injuries can end a comeback before it even starts. Trust me, I know. Tiger, however, persevered through it all.

With the world watching, it happened. Many years later we sit and watched remembering the fall years ago. Suddenly we think, “watch and see what happens.” Then, he did it. A path was paved for all the world to see. Comebacks really do happen. Those who loved him and stood by his side even when he lost everything saw it as well. Comeback stories aren’t perfect because people aren’t perfect.

Setbacks come in all shapes and sizes. Making it to the top of the ladder is one thing but making there again after falling from grace is another altogether. It takes more work and courage than you can imagine. Perhaps you have a comeback story to tell. One that could inspire many, those closest to you or simply yourself. One thing is for sure, giving up will never produce the end result you are looking for.

The path of least resistance is what makes rivers and people crooked. The path of hardest resistance is what makes rivers and people straight. Those things that persist always thrive. The average person often doesn’t understand that success is a contrast to its failures. Walking is but a process of falling forward. You fall, catch yourself, step forward to save yourself and then fall again. Thus, you move forward.

How you start in life pales in comparison to how you finish. Never give up. Let go of yesterday. You can reshape your life. You can comeback from a setback. And, you can finish strong. Like Tiger, your past doesn’t define you. It’s how you finish that counts.

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