A message to America's Entertainers and Athletes

A message to America's Entertainers and Athletes

With one of the most important election’s in history upon us, the timing of this message is imperative. It is being sent out as a Reshape Moment this month to reach those that were not otherwise contacted through its original social media post.

I, like many, love good movies, music and getting together with family and friends around a football game. Nothing quite like being inspired and moved by the art of others. There was a time in which actors were actors, singers were singers and sports figures were sports figures. They entertained, performed and understood their business. They made a living touching our hearts by creating a brief time of escape from the reality and stresses of life and sometimes even allowed us to take out life’s frustrations on the screen or through the lyrics of a song.

Now it seems that being an actor, singer or sports figure has transitioned into an entitled “right” to be an advisor for the citizens of our country, telling us what we “need” to do, who we “need” to vote for and what we “need” to believe. Because of the public perception associated with fame, they believe their voice counts and that people hang on to their every word as they “tell it like it is” according to their own opinions. I was so taken aback recently when I saw a short video of one of my all time favorite male actors telling people how stupid they were if they supported a particular political candidate. It seems every time you turn on the T.V. or read the news, there they are… gifted and talented artists or athletes giving us their pearls of wisdom at the expense of their reputation.

I can’t speak for you but it is getting more difficult each day to watch or listen to these modern day philosophers any longer. I pay my hard earned money to be entertained, not be counseled. If I want someone’s opinion, I will ask for it. I am also bewildered with those who have had so many blessings bestowed on them, making literally millions of dollars per year, yet disgracing our country and the very people who gave them their opportunities for success. Most are understandably upset at the status quo. I too, have personally felt the unfairness and injustice that can exist in this great land we call America. You can complain and whine but, in the end, the only person listening is the same one you are responsible for…you. Having had my share of life’s learning experiences (failures), if I choose to travel the “blame road,” I remind myself that this world consists of and is governed by imperfect people who also fail and make mistakes. Only my faith in God and the understanding of humanity’s flaws have kept me grounded…even when it felt like the ground beneath me was caving. After falling in life more than once it became very apparent to me I had two options: 1) Stay down or 2) Get back up. When I made the decision to get back on the horse of life and ride, there was no other option.

Our greatest tests can become our greatest testimony if we face them head on and stop looking back. Even when we feel wounded, offering unconditional forgiveness to those who wrong us is imperative to the healing process. Being angry, pointing fingers and protesting against the country isn’t the answer. We all make mistakes, including every single politician. Those of you without sin cast the first stone. If we want to truly see America great again, we must take responsibility for our actions and shortcomings. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. No one owes us anything. Regardless of who we put in the White House that will always remain true.

So, consider this: The next time you turn on the television or social media and someone you have admired is imparting their unrequested political opinions, turn them off or delete them. The next time you listen to a song by one of your favorite singers who continues to offer his or her unwanted opinion about how to live your life, turn them off. Lastly, the next time you are watching a football (or any sport for that matter) and one of your favorite athletes decides to disgrace our national anthem, turn them off also.

Below is a concise, clear message to those blessed, talented individuals who can’t seem to remain private about subjects they are only self-proclaimed experts on. If you agree with what is being said, share this post with others. It’s time the Aristotle’s and Plato’s of Hollywood know how you truly feel.

To the Actors, Entertainers and Athletes of America,
When it comes to your political stance and personal viewpoints, we don’t value your opinion. People are more interested in what they are having for lunch than how you feel about these issues. If we want your opinion, we will ask. And…if someone does ask you, it’s not because that person thinks you are full of the Wisdom of Solomon. People ask because they are curious. We are all striving to make a difference by living our God-given purpose on this earth. If you are living that dream, be thankful because you are truly blessed. That doesn’t, however, give you the right to use your blessing to influence many who may not know any better than to think your words are gospel. You were given a gift. Use it wisely. Your success allows you to come into our homes and help us to laugh, cry, feel better and/or temporarily escape from life. It doesn’t entitle you to disrespect the very country that provides the opportunity for you to experience your fame and fortune. America is the greatest country on the face of the earth because it consists of people with different races, genders, religions and backgrounds, loving and living together in harmony, all pursuing their dreams. In this country we call it the American dream. No matter who you are, where you are from, how famous you are or how much money you have, you are merely one of many in the vast mix of our population, nothing more. You don’t have to agree with what is being said. All we ask is that you respect the rights of others to do so without abusing your influence. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by speaking just to be heard. Just stay silent outside of your work then overtime maybe, we will return that same respect by allowing you to entertain us once again. Until then, we will continue to turn you off and delete your posts.

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