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12 Principles of Max M. Growth

Max M. Growth, a doctor of chiropractic, finds himself at a crossroad in life after more than three decades of owning practices, leading his profession and mentoring students. As he reflects back over his career, he discovers the written principles shared with him by his mentor, the "old man," during his formative years. Each foundational principle reveals one of the twelve lessons that depict the very essence of success taught in a way that formulate a germinating seed of growth for the doctor of chiropractic. Many of the icons of the profession are no longer with us today and, even if they were, it would take a lifetime to absorb all the teachings within the these pages. Now, this lifetime of information is available for you to learn from, all in one organized, concise, and easy to comprehend manner referred to as the "12 Principles of Max M. Growth." Embedded within each principle are archives of wisdom from the most successful DCs who ever lived that, if learned and applied properly, will positively impact your personal and professional life from this point forward. Whether you are just venturing into the health care market, or you are presently in and looking for answers, this book holds priceless instructions to having a successful practice. Written by a doctor of chiropractic, this book is often referred to as the success Bible for DC's. A must read for every new or existing chiropractor.

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