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Why I Gave Up 22 ClinicsChiropractic Economics, May/June 1997 – Cover Story

Five Master Keys to Achieving SuccessChiropractic Economics, September 1999

How a Success Coach Ended up in a Federal Security Camp, The American Chiropractor, May 2016 - Cover Story!&pid=46 


Radio interview with Kandee G, Nothing But Good News - The Journey

Radio interview with Anthony Brice, Six Degrees - Make It Happen

Interview with Ridgely Goldsborough, A View From the Ridge - 14 Secrets to Success  14 Secrets to Success 


Reshape Moments, Carry On -  

Reshape Moments, A True Story of Forgiveness - 

Reshape Moments, I've Learned 

Reshape Moments, Focus -

Reshape Moments, The Story of Joey 

Reshape Moments, The Story of Sparky

Reshape Moments, Overcoming Obstacles

Reshape Moments, True Freedom 

Reshape Moments, Your Story

Reshape Moments, Good News

Reshape Moments, Bringing Our The David in You

Reshape Moments, Love Your Neighbor

Reshape Moments, A Message to America's Entertainers

Reshape Moments, Giving Thank- 

Reshape Moments, Plan B

Reshape Moments, Reshape Your Life in the New Year -

Reshape Moments, Real Leadership -

Reshape Moments, The Importance of Focus

Reshape Moments, Respond with Integrity -

Reshape Moments, You Are Not Damaged Goods -

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