Practice Management

Professional Coaching for Chiropractors

Hiring the right consultant for your company is difficult these days. The health care delivery system is on the edge of an abyss with major paradigm shifts occurring, primarily in the reimbursement arena. This shift is causing doctors of chiropractic to reinvent themselves to thrive or be left behind in a practice of financial survival. 

Doctors around the country practice in fear because of the unknown. Around every corner seems to lurk another monster that is capable of eating up your practice, finances, and even your life. As history has proven, change is inevitable. The third party pay system continues to make drastic changes most of which are not beneficial to the traditional practitioner. In order to thrive you must be able to reinvent and adapt to the environment you are in. Full service gas stations had to adapt when the new, self-service stations came on the seen and local mom and pop stores had to adapt with the rise of giant retailers like Wal-Mart. Likewise, health care providers will have to adapt to the changing environment or be left behind in a world of stress, financial chaos and constant survival.

Our company offers professional consulting services for organizations and individual chiropractors around the globe. With over 30 years of experience in this health care market we can help transition your practice from traditional third party “inpatient” methods to a wellness and preventative “outpatient” status. Don't fall for the common management methods that have failed over time. Most practice management programs are based on timing of the marketplace. Whatever the time dictates is what they teach, irrespective of personal experience or understanding. Many focus their "cash" practice methods on a doctor's ability to educate and communicate effectively. If you are a super communicator, that is a major plus for you. The problem is many are not. You can teach good communication skills but you can't make someone be a good communicator. That trait must be desired and developed over time. Real success comes from duplicatable systems that work time and time again.

We offer those systems from years of experience, trial/error and success. Building, owning and consulting with the largest and most successful health care organizations have allowed us a first hand view of what works and what to avoid. 

Services and benefits include:
  • Provider Record Audits/Clinical Documentation Reviews
  • Operational Systems Analysis
  • Effective Growth and Expansion Strategies
  • Practice Start-Up's
  • Risk Assessment/Management
  • Wellness and Preventative Protocol
  • Office Policies
  • Improved Doctor/Employee Relations and Production

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